MPA-201 Dual Channel Class A Mic Preamplifier





The MikTek™ MPA-201 dual-channel, Class A microphone preamplifier will surprise and please the most sophisticated listener. Its pristine signal path and sweet, linear response highlight and elevate the sound of any microphone or instrument. Seventy dB of gain, variable impedance selector, 48-volt phantom power, high-pass filter, and six massive audio transformers make the MikTek™ MPA-201 a premium design — in all but price.

Pretty is as Pretty Does

Yes, the MPA-201 is attractive in appearance. But our goal was to create a user interface that’s easy to navigate with spacious layout, comfortable control knobs and easy-to-read, LED backlit switches. Each channel boasts a large analog VU meter which can be switched from input to output, plus a LED Peak output meter, making optimal level setting a breeze.


Expanding on a Classic

We designed MPA-201’s electronic topology around the same classic BC184C transistor, discrete circuit found in the most famous British vintage consoles. It imbues the MPA-201 with a character that’s faithful to the original signal — yet with just a little bit of harmonic magic. A modular PC board design with point-to-point, shielded wire connections, relay switching, and shielded input transformers further contributes to the MPA-201’s profound sonic character.

Part of the MPA-201’s “secret sauce” is its massive Input and Output transformers, which are are custom made for us by highly respected AMI in the USA. The preamplifier’s low frequency response is thick yet controlled, with a smooth midrange and sweet top-end. The result are vocal and instrument tracks that ooze clarity, sparkle with character, and fit nicely into your mix.


Power to the People

A great preamp starts with a solid power foundation, rock-steady and free from ripple and line noise. MPA-201’s power supply features a massive toroidal transformer and internal regulation yielding a clean and steady 24 volts. Plus, the power transformer is isolated in a separate steel enclosure mounted to the rear of the MPA-201 chassis, providing the benefits of an external power supply with the convenience of an inbuilt supply.

The MPA-201 Makes Engineering Simple.

The front panel’s variety of controls and functions cover any miking situation. Gain is a stepped rotary control for precise input level setting and easy recall.  The MPA-201’s Impedance selector knob allows the user to vary the input impedance for use with vintage ribbon mics, or purposely mismatch for additional tone color. To enable the shortest and cleanest signal path, electronic relay switching for the Impedance selection is employed right at the input transformer.

The High Pass switch engages the variable Hi-Pass (Low Cut) Filter, reducing unwanted low frequency rumble, mic thumps and p-pops. Specified by top Nashville engineers, this High-Pass filter is sweepable up to 350Hz, an ideal setting for recording mandolin. The convenient Output Level control make gain staging easy and even allows you to overdrive the input.


Like to record your guitar or bass with an effects board or plug-ins?

Jack into the MPA-201 first to capture a big studio sound that’s far beyond what’s possible with a standard audio interface. The Direct Inputs on each channel, channeled through their own dedicated transformer, tonally enhance recording instruments like guitar, bass and keyboards.

The front panel ¼-inch phone jack lets you connect line level or high impedance guitar input signals. There’s no need to connect and disconnect mic inputs because inserting a plug into the ¼-inch input automatically disconnects the mic inputs. Finally, the Line/Instrument switch selects line level or high impedance input for recording bass or guitar.


Producer/Engineer Randy Waldman records George Benson with the MPA-201

Expand and Control

The front panel Phase switch controls an electronic relay that reverses the polarity directly at the input transformer. The MPA-201’s selectable 48-Volt phantom switch power provides clean and reliable power for your condenser microphones. The MPA-201 includes additional tone shaping via the front panel Smooth switch. When pressed, the Smooth control reduces the amount of transformer overshoot and other non-linearities (which we sometimes like) that are often produced when miking high SPL signals. By using the Meter switch, you can select either Input level or Output Level to display on the channel VU meter.

Take Your Production Quality to the Next Level.

With two channels of classic discrete transistors design and six custom Miktek transformers, the MikTek™ MPA-201 preamplifier will produce quality recordings that you would normally expect only from an expensive vintage console. It’s perfect for adding a world-class signal path in front of your digital recordings. More importantly, we believe — and we have heard from top engineers and producers — that the sound of the MPA-201 is inspiring to the artist that they are recording, enabling a better feeling and performance.

Give it a Serious Listen and Decide

We have the upmost respect for those $6,000 cult preamplifiers, but we think that their magic can be captured at far more reasonable price. Extreme value for money is in MikTek’s DNA; this preamp solidly embodies that. Assembled by dedicated audio geeks just outside Nashville, TN USA. the MikTek™ MPA-201 is an invaluable tool for any serious recordist.


  • Class A, Discrete Transistor Vintage Design
  • Linear response 1 dB down at 10Hz and 1 dB down at 100kHz
  • Sweet sound from Custom Designed Transformers
  • 48 Volt Phantom Power
  • Variable High-Pass Filter
  • Relay controlled Phase switch
  • Smooth switch selects different output loading for “racked” and “in-console” sound
  • Impedance selector allows for 300, 600, or 1200 Ω load
  • Large backlit VU Meters switchable to display Input and Output Levels
  • +4 XLR Balanced Outputs
  • Heavy duty metal construction featuring steel chassis and milled aluminum front panel in an attractive silver finish.

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