Introducing Miktek

At Miktek, we’re dedicated to the pursuit of superior sound captured through microphones. Inspired by the iconic mics of the past, our engineering team has developed capsules and unique circuits to capture that elusive, classic sound. Incorporating the very latest in audio technology, our microphone designs are approved by some of the world’s most acclaimed recording engineers.

Our Technology

A unique blend of engineering and design.

Miktek’s proprietary capsules feature ultra thin Mylar diaphragms with evaporated gold and are manufactured to tight tolerances for unparalleled quality. Precise machining of the backplates, along with careful consideration of internal acoustic properties, assures the pristine performance of every microphone.

Our choice of AMI Transformers and our meticulous hand-selection of transistors guarantee that our custom capsules are matched with head-amplifiers of impeccable electronic performance. Unique innovations such as the C7’s variable capsule bias voltage – along with variable pattern selection, high-pass filters and pad switches – make Miktek microphones indispensable creative tools for any serious recordist. Attention to detail is everywhere…right down to gold-plated XLR pins and robust, flexible shock-mounting hardware.

As important to us as the audio performance is the feeling an artist gets when they step up to the mic…which is why every Miktek microphone is an esthetic pleasure to use as well. We’ve put considerable thought into the correct packaging and each microphone is shipped in a beautiful wooden case – as you would expect of any precision audio instrument.

We use high quality hand selected components from the US, Europe and Asia and hand assemble each microphone in our own factory located in Nashville, Tennessee. We really care about sound, and you do, too.

So, step up to Miktek and listen to what you can really record.

Precision microphones handmade in Nashville, TN USA.


Michael Ketchell, President

Miktek was founded by audio industry veteran Michael Ketchell. Growing up in New York, Michael was trained as a classical & jazz musician and in college studied theory and composition, which was invaluable experience for the next five years when he was playing in a punk band.
“After studying theory for several years, I developed a deep understanding of keys and modes, secondary dominants, appoggiatura, and then realized – with no offence to the great composers following – the last person that really changed music was Bach! After all these years people still love to hear A-D-E.”

Michael was involved in many aspects of the music business, including running his own live sound company, but his passion was always new and innovated music and pro audio gear. He eventually found his sanctuary working in a major New York music store where he was quickly recognized as a leading expert in audio and music technology; especially in the early days of MIDI technology. This extensive knowledge and product savvy led to the development of the first product for his own company; MegaMix Automation.
MegaMix was the first MIDI-based mix automation system, and included proprietary software which was the very first program in the audio industry that allowed the user to click on an on-screen fader to make a level change in real-time that was remembered and could be played back by the computer.

Thousands of MegaMix automation mix systems were installed in studios from LA, Nashville, NY, England all the way to Bali, New Zealand and Australia. Several artists used, and major records were mixed with MegaMix including Herbbie Hancock, Tesla, The Ohio Players, Gary Beers of INXS, Teddy Riley, Rex and FX, C+C Music Factory, Phillip Glass, Ray Kennedy, Toby Keith, Lucinda Williams, Dr. John, Art Garfunkel, Steve Earle and the 1993, number one, eight times platinum, single “Pocket Full Of Kryptonite” by the Spin Doctors.

In the early 1990’s MegaMix was sold to a major microphone company, and Michael became the National Sales Manger; where he gained the experience of visiting many music and pro-audio retailers throughout the United States. And he was still deeply immersed in product development. As part of a development team designing automated mixing consoles, signal processing and microphones, his passion for microphones was truly born. He was involved in designing several types of microphones for studio recoding, live sound, fixed installation and even CB radio mics.

Michael’s next stop was to work in international sales, representing top US companies in the export market, where he visited audio distributors and dealers throughout Europe and South America. Since then Michael has been involved – behind the scenes – as product developer, R&D manager, and “major idea-guy” for several other major music and pro audio companies. During this time, he was named on a US patent for an invention in bass speaker technology, and pioneered the USB studio mic category. And now, with over 50 trips to Asia, Michael has also become an expert on manufacturing and global sourcing.

Currently enjoying life in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Kathy. Michael is actively involved in producing records, songwriting, and recording his own music.


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