MPA-201 Dual Channel Class A Mic Preamplifier





The Miktek™ MPA-201 dual channel, Class A microphone preamplifier provides a pristine signal path with a sweet and linear response that will please the most sophisticated listeners. With 70 dB of gain, 48-volt phantom power and variable impedance selector, the Miktek MPA-201 will highlight and enhance the sound of most any microphone.

Each channel boasts a large analog VU meter that can be switched from input to output, plus an LED Peak output meter, making it easy to set a good level. This innovative preamplifier design also features a Phase switch and variable High Pass Filter, which allows you to reduce unwanted low frequencies in your recording and help reduce stage rumble in live sound applications.

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The MPA-201 preamplifier features discrete transistors and six Miktek custom transformers, which produce a quality sound you would normally expect only from a vintage piece. It features Direct Inputs on each channel, through a dedicated transformer, for recording instruments like guitar, bass and keyboards. Do you like to record your guitar or bass with an effects pod or plug-ins? Plug in to the MPA-201 first to capture that big studio sound that’s far beyond what’s possible with a standard audio interface.

Perfect for adding a world-class signal path in front of your digital recordings, the Miktek MPA-201 is a must for any serious recordist.


  • Class A, Discrete Transistor Vintage Design
  • Linear response 1 dB down at 10Hz and 1 dB down at 100kHz
  • Sweet sound from Custom Designed Transformers
  • 48 Volt Phantom Power
  • Variable High-Pass Filter
  • Relay controlled Phase switch
  • Smooth switch selects different output loading for “racked” and “in-console” sound
  • Impedance selector allows for 300, 600, or 1200 Ω load
  • Large backlit VU Meters switchable to display Input and Output Levels
  • +4 XLR Balanced Outputs
  • Heavy duty metal construction featuring steel chassis and milled aluminum front panel in an attractive silver finish.

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