Miktek ProCast SST review

The Miktek ProCast SST is probably the best “plug and play” USB mic recording solution available today. I’ve finally gotten my hands on one and am glad that it’s innovative form factor is matched by the audio quality. I’ve recorded some... read more

Mic Check: One… Two… Three…

The issue at hand We have an artist who is an excellent pop vocalist and happens to be a very petite woman. Her voice, especially when pushed, tends to contain some piercing frequencies in the 2–4 khz range, and some microphones tend to accentuate her sibilance. For... read more

Miktek CV4

By Paul White Nashville-based Miktek shouldn’t be short of chances to test their mics — but how did they fare in their first ever SOS review? I’d imagine that, being based in Nashville, Tennessee, Miktek had no shortage of places to test their CV4... read more

Miktek C7e

By Paul White Though costing less than a grand, this versatile mic can compete with some of the very best. Designed with ‘classic’ European styling, and with its internationally sourced parts assembled and tested in Nashville, USA, the Miktek C7e is a multi–pattern... read more

Miktek MPA-201

This Nashville-built preamp offers a new take on a classic British console sound. Launched by US audio industry veteran Michael Ketchell at AES 2009, Nashville-based microphone manufacturers Miktek quickly built a reputation for well-engineered, high-performing,... read more

Miktek Procast SST

By Paul White As the name suggests, Miktek’s Procast SST is aimed at those using desktop systems who put together podcasts, but the quality of the microphone, hardware and converters makes it equally well suited to musicians who record only one or two parts at a time.... read more


Precision engineered for superior performance Miktek was founded by studio owner and industry vet Michael Ketchell, inventor of MegaMix Automation. Blending vintage character with modern features, the C7 has garnered more than its share of kudos from noted artists,... read more